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Cyclical events in the Commune of Luzino

January (the first or the second Saturday of the month) – Luzino Carol Singing with the Star as a part of the campaign “Stars for the children”

For a few years now, we have been hosting Polish music stars in the Commune of Luzino every year. The residents had an opportunity to listen to the concerts of, among others, Anna Wyszkoni, bands PECTUS, GOLEC ORKIESTRA and ZAKOPOWER. For more information on the event contact the Communal Cultural Centre of Luzino, tel. 58 678 05 52.

March/April (Palm Sunday) – Easter in Kashubia

The event is addressed to the residents of the Commune of Luzino and Wejherowo Poviat in order to preserve Kashubian culinary traditions.

The Farmer’s Wives Associations, organisations and entrepreneurs who run agri-touristic and gastronomy business participate in the survey. At the party there is a contest for the most beautiful Easter egg, Easter palm and Easter basket. Traditional Easter dishes are presented and there is also a trade fair, where the Easter handicrafts and gastronomic specialities are sold. The culminating moment of the party is tasting local Easter dishes, prepared for all participants of the survey. On the same day there is also presented an artistic programme, which aims to promote folklore.

For more information on the event contact the Communal Cultural Centre of Luzino, tel. 58 678 05 52.

May (the last Saturday of the month) – The Street Run „Kashubian 15”

V KASHUBIAN FIFTEEN is a run which is held within the territory of Luzino, starting from Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa of Marshal Maciej Płażyński in Luzino (where the start, the finishing line and the competition office are located), through Wilczka Street, “The Health Path of Luzino” and further through Strzebielińska Street, Kościelna Street, Długa Street, Kaszubska Street, Szkolna Street, Konwaliowa Street, Lipowa Street, Ofiar Stutthofu Street, Tartacza Street and Mickiewicza Street. Because of the fact that the year 2016 is devoted to the memory of Professor Gerard Labuda, a meritorious historian of Kashubia, who is buried in the cementery of Luzino, after completing the Kashubian Fifteen each contestant will be given a commemorative cast medal with the image of the professor. After the run organisers provide refreshments such as soup, yeast cake and bread with lard for all contestants.

For more information on the event contact the run organiser, Jan Rutkowski, tel. 501 023 350.

June (the first Sunday of the month) – Fun day as a part of the District Contest of Vocal Talents


The event is addressed to the youngest residents of the Commune of Luzino and Wejherowo Poviat. The event is organised for children, for whom lots of attractions await on that day. The Communal Cultural Centre in Luzino has been organising the District Contest of Vocal Talents for sixteen years.

For more information on the event contact the Communal Cultural Centre of Luzino, tel. 58 678 05 52.

June (the first or the second Sunday of the month) – The Kashubian Paralympics

The Kashubian Paralympics is an event registered in the Communal calendar of events. It is addressed to the disabled children and young people who actively participate in the struggle of sports adjusted for any kind of disability. Participation in the event is free of charge. Each contestant is given a t-shirt for a start, a starter package, a cup, a medal and an item price for taking part in the sport activities according to his/her capabilities. Every year there are more Paralympians. There are numerous attractions. Alongside the Paralympics, the Charity Run and March for able-bodied athletes to support our charges also take place. The participants are athletes from all over the country. Therefore, Paralympics is an integration event which merges two worlds: able-bodied and disabled. Many volunteers, mainly students of Gimnazjum, contribute to the organisation of the event. Honorary Patronage of the event is taken by the Marshall of the Pomeranian voivodeship. The media patronage over the event is held by Maratony Polskie (Polish Marathons). The Kashubian Paralympics received the title of : the Event of the Year 2011 which was granted by the Luzino Commune Head and also the Certificate of the brand product in the category of Local Initiative in 2013 during the I edition of Kaszubskie Szmaragdy (Kashubian Emeralds) organised by the Local Action Group “Kaszubska Droga”.

For more information on the event contact the main organiser of the Paralympics, Lucyna Wirkus, tel. 660 572 461.

23 June – Sobótki


The objective of the event is to preserve the tradition of Sobótki in Kashubia. According to the tradition, the participants of the event make a campfire and look for the fern flower. New music stars appear on the stage every year.

For more information on the event contact the Communal Cultural Centre of Luzino, tel. 58 678 05 52.

15 August – Summer Family Concert in Arboretum


The Summer Family Concerts take place in the summer in the delightful scenery of Arboretum (a dendrological park) near the Forest District. It is a perfect opportunity to spend Sunday afternoons. There are concerts of an early, symphonic and popular music performed by the famous symphonic orchestras and musicians of the Baltic Philharmonic. The Summer Family Concerts will be organised for the fifth consecutive year, and their objectives are to integrate families, popularise classical music and to promote the Commune. With each passing year the concerts are becoming more popular. The whole families participate in the event (from 100 to 200 people). The Concerts are also accompanied by exhibitions of paintings and short lectures on the history of the Commune of Luzino.

For more information on the event contact the Communal Cultural Centre of Luzino, tel. 58 678 05 52.

August (the last Sunday of the month) – Dożynki


Dożynki Gminne (The Commune Harvest Festival) is a unique event in the Pomeranian voivodeship. It promotes local traditions and unites generations. In accordance with the tradition, Dożynki is organised on the last Sunday of August. It is an open-air event which refers to the old Kashubian rituals. A unique colourful harvest procession in the Pomeranian voivodeship is the main attraction of Dożynki and the centre of media attention. The show includes horse riders, beautifully decorated carriages and modern mechanical equipment. During the harvest procession the participants beat records for the number of the horse teams taking part in it.

For more information on the event contact the Communal Cultural Centre of Luzino, tel. 58 678 05 52

December– Christmas in Kashubia


The objective of the event is to preserve Kashubian traditions related to Christmas. The local Christmas specialities are served on the tables. Simultaneously, there is also a trade fair.

For more information on the event contact the Communal Cultural Centre of Luzino, tel. 58 678 05 52

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Szanowni Mieszkańcy !!!

Informacja dotycząca przekazywania stanu wodomierza wg stanu na dzień 30.09.2021 r.

Urząd Gminy Luzino informuje, że w związku z trwającym nadal na terytorium Polski zagrożeniem spowodowanym chorobą COVID-19, nie będą przeprowadzane dotychczasowe odczyty wodomierzy dokonywane u mieszkańców, firm przez upoważnione do tego osoby.

W związku z powyższym, prosi się Odbiorców wody o samodzielne dokonanie odczytu
i podanie stanu wodomierza (wg  stanu na dzień 30.09.2021 r.), do dnia 15 października 2021 r. w wybrany sposób:


  1. Jan Wisniewski, Luzino, Rozana 32, w 15378


a w przypadku podwodomierza:


  1. Jan Wisniewski, Luzino, Rozana 32, w 15378, p 3


gdzie:  w – oznacza wodomierz, a p – podwodomierz,



Prosi się, aby wysyłana treść SMS, była zgodna z przedstawionym szablonem,
bez użycia polskich znaków, przy zachowaniu  widocznych  znaków interpunkcji (przecinków)!.

Prosimy o nie wpisywanie innych znaków i wyrazów, gdyż to spowoduje problemy
z prawidłowym odczytem wiadomości.





Jeżeli w określonym terminie Odbiorca nie poda aktualnego stanu wodomierza, naliczenie zostanie dokonane  na podstawie zużycia wody równego średniemu zużyciu w okresie ostatnich 6 miesięcy od ostatniego odczytu.


Jak, w prosty sposób prawidłowo odczytać stan wodomierza.


Na tarczy wodomierza są okienka w których widoczne są cyfry. Jeżeli występują tylko cyfry
w kolorze czarnym to podajemy liczbę utworzoną z tych cyfr, jeżeli natomiast występują dwa kolory cyfr – czarny i czerwony – to podajemy tylko liczbę utworzoną z cyfr czarnych. Jest to stan wodomierza w m3.


 Wójt Gminy Luzino

  (-) Jarosław Wejer